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Blue Dinosaur Press is a small, independent book publisher located in Boston, MA.  We specialize in publishing books about art and artists from Southeastern Connecticut who painted during the late 19th and early 20th centuries around the waterfront communities of Mystic, Noank, Stonington and Lyme, CT. Of particular interest to Blue Dinosaur Press, are artists whose works were exhibited at the Mystic Art Association Annual Exhibitions (now Mystic Arts Center, Mystic, CT) during the first half of the 20th century.

  Art-Talks with Ranger 
Our first publication is a reprint of the rare book Art-Talks with Ranger by Ralcy Husted Bell (1869-1931), originally published in 1914 shortly before Henry Ward Ranger's death.  Bell, a trained physician, amateur artist, writer, and patron of the arts, sat down with Ranger to discuss the artist's thoughts and opinions on art, landscape painting, Tonalism, painting restoration, Old Masters, and artistic techniques. Included in the new edition is a reproduction of a cabinet photo of Ranger (ca.1890) taken by New York City photographer Napolean Sarony (1821-1896), and an index of every artist, collector, dealer, critic, writer and acquaintance discussed by Ranger in his conversations with Bell. 

Henry W. Ranger, NA (1858-1916) was considered the dean of American landscape painting and was a founder of the Lyme Art Colony.  In the early 1900's, he established a summer studio on the
shores of the Mystic River at Noank, CT.

  Mystic Art Association Annual Exhibition Record: 1914-1957 
Due for publication in 2013, this hardcover book documents every artist and work of art exhibited at the Mystic Art Association (MAA) Annual Exhibitions first held in 1914. The book covers the period from 1914-1957 and contains listings for over 400 artists who exhibited at the annual exhibitions.  Each artist entry includes biographical information, exhibition year, catalog number, title, medium, and price, if available. Source records used to compile the information come from MAA Annual Exhibition Catalogs of paintings, sculpture, and sketches; newspaper and magazine articles; and gallery records.

Many of the MAA catalog records before 1930 are incomplete or non-existent and every effort has made to re-create the annual art exhibition
listings using available information. 
If you have any early MAA exhibition records, catalogs or information for the years 1914-1929, 1939 or 1940, please contact Blue Dinosaur Press.

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Art-Talks with Ranger

By Ralcy Husted Bell

Originally Published by G. P. Putnam's Sons in 1914

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Mystic Art Association Annual Exhibition Record: 1914-1957
A Guide to the Annual Exhibition of Oil Paintings, Water Colors, Black and Whites, Sculpture and Crafts
With Biographical Notes and Selected Retrospective
Exhibitions of Works by Early Artists
y Jonathan C. Sproul

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            North Dock:  Noank's Motif #1

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            Carl Lawless:  Artist Sketchbooks

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          Peter Marcus (1889-1934)     

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